Remote Project Portfolio Management


A full scale remote project portfolio management hub deeply integrated to Teams enterprise collaboration.

  • Enterprise Work Hub
  • Notification Hub
  • Communication Hub
  • Actions Hub
  • Notes Hub
  • Adaptive & Predictive Hub

Curate a centralized destination
Streamline visibility into your project's critical resources through the personalized dashboard. Quick, one-touch access to information and actions allows managers to promptly take decisions and make the project engagements propagate faster like never before leading to better efficiency

Discover news and conversations
Keep everyone informed about what’s happening across the project and portfolio with an individually tailored feed that includes contributions from your project stakeholders. Hone your delivery with powerful targeting and scheduling capabilities.

Personalized Action Center
This space can be project manager's personalized and adaptive action center along with a centralized notification and alert service. All the tasks are SLA bounded and various centers can be integrated into this.

Get up and running fast
Use your existing infrastructure to save time and money—backed by world-class security from Microsoft and no hidden license costs.




An automateed experience to let you create and manage meetings through predeined templates.

  • Redefining Meeting Experience
  • Outcome oriented Meetings
  • Runtime Notes & Actions
  • Runtime Risks Management
  • Automated meeting minutes
  • Out of Office Management

AGENDA with Templates & Timelines
Create agendas with pre-defined templates and set timelines for each agenda item. You can attach content to agenda item, track the agenda item status and even create tasks for agenda items. During the meeting a timer runs for each agenda item to keep your meeting time checked.

Runtime Notes & Actions
Take notes during the meeting within the meeting screen and also set status for each of the agenda item for tracking closure. Additionally, you can create tasks, risks, issues from within the meeting screen itself.

Meeting summary with attendance
Detailed meeting summary will be shared along with the attendance report for all the meeting participants.

Reports & KPIs
Powerful reports, & KPIs are available to measure overall meeting effectiveness, team effectiveness and emotional index of the team and organization.

Powerful dashboards available to view the day patterns and plan accordingly. Additionally it recommends and let you set focus time, out of office etc.




A new experience for creating and managing tasks lifecycle with mindmaps, gantt and kanban models

  • Mind Maps mode WBS
  • Gantt with drag & drop
  • Kanban with custom buckets
  • Tags & Labels driven filters
  • Assign users & track
  • Adaptive & Predictive Hub

Mind map modelled WBS
Reimagining the way you create and manage tasks with enhanced visibility into your tasks and resource engagement on to the tasks through the personalized mindmap based approach. This will greatly increase work allocation efficiency and tracking effectiveness.

Easy Gantt & Kanban mode
Powerful and Rich Gantt and Kanban experiences let you create and manage tasks and actions with checklist and documents seamlessly. You can setup custom forms and notifications for creating, updating and closing a task.

Task & Action Templates
You can create your own template of tasks in addition to what system provides you for various business scenarios you have to deal with. All the templates are security controlled and audit compliant.

Adaptive & Predictive
Tasks creation and updating is adaptive to your the needs of the project and predictive to recommend the type of tasks to be created and whom to assign for a timely completion. System can automatically log a risk for overdue and escalated tasks with appropriate delegation.




A multitude of timelines that can show you process, documents, actions, risks, escalations and let you act.

  • Views for Process, Documents, Actions, Risks, Escalations
  • Roadmap Generation & Exports
  • Functional and Lets you act
  • Resource Management
  • Create your own templates

Project Portfolio ViewPoints
You can have several viewpoints of the timelines with project process, documents needed in various phases, actions, tasks, issues, risks, escalations, stakeholders, resources, time lapse and budgets phase wise, milestone wise on clear timeline.

Functional Timeline
All the data shown in timelytrack is fully functional. i.e., you can download document templates and upload signed documents back to the timeline stage, act on actions, create tasks, risks, issues from within the timeline itself.

Roadmaps & Reports
You can generate roadmaps and status reports out of the timelines views. These reports coupled with the TrickyNotes drag and drop capabilities can help you to quickly send the status reports and roadmaps

Personalized Templates
You can define your own timeline templates with custom phases, milestones and time period along with document and task templates. Stakeholder and resources can be assigned to various phases and milestones

You can set alerts for the events when the process reaches specific stages of the overall project execution.




Easy note taking to convert them as tasks, actions, risks, meeting agenda, reports, announcements, surveys

  • Enterprise Note Taking Hub
  • Convert Notes to Actions, Risks, Tasks, Meeting Agenda, Announcements, Surveys
  • Tag and Label notes for search
  • Generate Status reports from Notes

One Stop for Note Taking
You can take all your project, meeting and personal notes at one place securely. The notes will let you capture rich medium along with images and videos, sticky notes and even pen writing.
Notes will be stored in appropriate project sections and can also be accessed centrally

Convert to Actionable Items
Notes can be converted to actionable outcomes such as Meeting agendas, Actions, Risks, Issues, Tasks, Announcements, Surveys and even reports. All this is possible with simple drag drop

Tag, Label, Like and Share
You can attach notes to various projects you are working on, tag notes for search, label notes for reporting and like notes for prioritizing it in your lists. Yo can access your O365 toolkit to quickly create or post your notes. You can even generate and share status reports from your notes

Enterprise Integrations
You can integrate your project or communication IT systems at your workplace such as Project online, Microsoft Exchange mail, MS Teams for chatting and meeting to quickly create or share notes with your enterprise teams.




A full blown MS Teams centric fitness & health tracker and wellbeing advisor for your professionals

  • Enterprise Personal Fitness Manager
  • Recommendations based on personal profile
  • Health program broadcast by regional teams
  • Teams Webcast integrated for Health Programs

Personal Health Tracker
Working remotely will some times lead to stress and ergonomic posture challenges leading to short term & long terms health risks. Our Revitalize will track your working habits along with existing health condition and let you relax, focus and stay healthy at work

Teams Notifications integrated
Our toolkit is Teams integrated app to check your away time and focus time to suggest better and healthy ways of working. All this happens in collaboration with your team and stakeholders so that your projects wont lose steam while you are relaxing.

Regional Wellbeing Teams
Regional wellbeing teams part of enterprise want a centralized and focused platform to engage workforce with targeted wellbeing and health advisory and Revitalize offers rich remote administration capabilities.

Webcasting integrated
Deeply integrated in to Teams webcasting and Live event conferencing features to enable you attend live health programs and keep yourself fit mentally and physically at workplace.